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Schedule of Services

Jan offers a range of remote-access counselling services

Individual Therapy

People attend counselling for many reasons including issues around self esteem, grief and loss, trauma, anxiety, depression  partner or relationship issues with family members. Individual counselling can provide clarity and a way to focus on life’s direction and purpose,  development of a stronger inner voice, more confidence and self esteem and a feeling of being free from the shackles of the past, ready to move on and into a new way of being.

Couples Therapy

Secure attachment is seen as a life-long emotional need, beginning in infancy and persisting through childhood.  Jan mainly  works from an emotionally focused therapy model, which is based on attachment theory, allowing expansion and reorganization of  the emotional responses of the couple.  It allows for stronger bonds to develop within a safe haven, a way to obtain comfort, security  and better coping strategies to manage stress.  This allows for more understanding of each other’s needs which, in turn, assists in better listening skills and a way to discuss problems from a place of empathy instead of a place of defensiveness or anger.

Counselling Children and Adolescents

Teenagers – counselling helps teenagers become more aware of the situations, reactions and thinking patterns that affect their emotions, which allows for more effective coping skills to develop so they can learn to regulate their own emotions.

Children – Children receive emotional support through counselling which assists in them to understand feelings and problems which can be seen in a change in behaviour and improved relations with friends and family.  Counselling for children is also a way of supporting them to deal with trauma, stress, anxiety and dysfunctional family relationships.  Children benefit from an early age being able to understand and share any feelings that are arising for them with someone they feel comfortable with.


Supervision is a requirement of counsellors to ensure standards, enhance quality, advance learning and stimulate creativity in their counselling role, promoting supervisee developmental growth and protecting the welfare of clients by ensuring that the client’s the supervisee is working with are receiving high-quality professional services.  Jan attends regular supervision to support good ethical practice in her own working role as a counsellor.

Child Consultancy

Jan is available to act as a Child Consultant, working with Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners who mediate with parents going through separation and divorce. Engaging in a child consult session allows their child/children to have a voice, which, in turn assists the process of mediation, working toward a more positive outcome for the whole family.

My Approach

"I provide a holistic approach  to counselling offering support that takes into consideration the whole person, not just a person’s mental health needs.  It is one of guidance, believing that each individual has the ability to tune into themselves to know the right way forward for them.

Throughout my 20 plus years of counselling thousands of clients, I have been touched by the resilience and capacity for growth individuals show as they work through devastating and impactful experiences in their lives.  Their decision to seek counselling and begin the road to the recovery they envisage for themselves, gives me such a warm heart as we work together to navigate a way forward that is appropriate for them.

I have found over this period of time that it matters little whether a session is conducted face to face, by phone or online. What truly matters is the connection an individual makes to myself as the counsellor and the subsequent rapport that develops. It is all that is needed for change to begin to occur and I believe it is an honour and a privilege to be a part of that journey.

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My Approach
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