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Making Changes in your Life ?

I recently completed a podcast ( ) centred around the possibility of making changes on a personal level, perhaps the way you think, feel or act and the difficulties that may entail, perhaps thinking that any change is ‘just too hard’. Any thought of change can be extremely challenging, stressful or even painful so it may be easier to prepare for the worst before beginning.

As human beings we have amazing capabilities to achieve anything in life, whatever it may be.

How we are able to achieve our goal is the direct result of what we tell ourselves as we are going through it. The statement ‘as you change, all conditions will change’, could perhaps become a motto for any changes you may deem beneficial in your life.

Any adjustments you make in your life are not easy and sometimes there can be a possibility to nourish negative thoughts and, at times, catastrophise. There is a statement “we cannot always control our thoughts, however we can control our words” and taking this statement to a deeper level there can be an understanding that repetition impresses the subconscious which can lead to a realisation that control of a situation is possible. Any change will need a great deal of determination and vigilance to check up on thoughts and words in order to become free of negative thinking.

Step out of your comfort zone !

So, if you have begun even the first stage and decided you would like to ‘step out of your comfort zone' and begin the process of change, what would be the driving force behind this decision? What are you envisioning for yourself? What does it look like? Is there anyone who could assist you on your journey or is this something you know you would need to do alone?

You may have perhaps gone with the status quo in your life and formed the habit of expecting loss, lack or failure if you attempted anything new. What is it like now to think about something new, changing your expectancies and your conditioning to life? What is it like to examine your consciousness and begin the process of preparation for change? Do you see this as needing a good deal of courage and endurance to achieve your goal?

What behaviours do you feel you may need to change to achieve your goal? Setting goals that are specific, manageable, attainable and realistic could require some serious thought and planning and time-specific consideration.

Values usually guide behaviours

Also, giving consideration to the values a person lives their life by and the fact that values can affect and influence thinking and behaviour, can be a good place to start to think about how changes can be made, as values usually guide behaviours. They are relevant to establishing our individuality and go a long way toward explaining our actions.

In my podcast exploring the possibility of making changes in life, (you can listen to this at ) I have gone into more detail around the importance of looking at a person’s values that they live their life by and how to tune into what may be working positively or negatively for them. I talk through an exercise on values which will assist in challenging the way values are working currently in a person’s life. Self-reflection, and questioning where those values have come from, is a healthy and positive way of moving forward and achieving new goals.

Hear more on my podcast channel

This topic and many more are available on my podcast channels which can be found at or on Spotify, Apple, iHeart etc. I do hope you will tune in and perhaps begin to bring positive change into your life.

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